London / Ireland 2004

Are you surviving the hot weather? We’re not doing so well in it, so we have decided to stay in, out of the sun and have ended up looking through our blogs and such. And as it turns out, there is a rich piece of our photographic history that we haven’t shared with  you. Primarily due to the fact that we didn’t have a website/blog prior to about 2007, but mostly due to the fact that we wanted our website to be the most current we possibly could and not delve into archived history.

Nevertheless, since are sitting here on a more-than-hot day not doing much, I decided to resurrect some of those old images and share them with you. First up, is a number of images that I shot when in London, England and throughout Ireland in the summer of 2004. Lynette and I took the family there for a couple weeks of vacation, visiting sites and visiting family. And while most of our images from those two weeks are typical vacation shots, there are a number of shots that were intended for someone else.

These are those shots.



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