Deception Pass

Last weekend, Lynette and I took the long way around to get to our daughters soccer game. You see, that soccer game was in Redmond, so from Puyallup that is a pretty straight shot up 167 to 405 and into Redmond. But as I mentioned we took the long way around, meaning we drove over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and up the peninsula to Port Townsend. From there we took the ferry  to Whidbey Island, drove to Anacortes, down I5 to 405 and then to Redmond. Yes, the long, expensive route, but certainly the most picturesque.

While on the ferry and on Whidbey Island, we took a few minutes to stop at Deception Pass and snap a few pictures.




Oh, and of course, I had to throw one of Lynette in there too. 🙂

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