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I started this blog over a month ago, moving it over from that of my other business, McKenna Video Services. In my haste to get this blog up-and-going and add some content, I failed to do one important thing: to tell you something about myself. So here it goes.

I have always been fascinated by photography; it was my first love. I remember when I was very young picking up my father’s 35mm SLR when I should have been napping, and trying to figure out how it worked. I played with the shutter, the lenses, the winding mechanism, etc. and in my process of examining it, I broke it. At least that is what my father tells me. Soon after, he thought it wise to get me my own camera and let me play with that instead. So, my parents bought me a Kodak 110 Instamatic Camera and I was off and running.

I purchased my first SLR when I was 16 years old and took my first photography class soon after. I was so excited to learn about aperture, shutter speeds, ASA (now called ISO), composition and all the basics of good photography.

Since then, I have studied professional photography at the New York Institute of Photography and under the tutelage of a few of this country’s greatest photographers including Bambi Cantrell and David Ziser. I have attended a number of seminars offered by Bambie Cantrell, Robert Lino, Frank Salas, Catherine Hall, Michael O’Neill, Doug Gordon, Bruce Dorn and Peter Eastway.

I am currently a member of the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (www.wppionline.com), the Pierce County Professional Photographers Association (www.pcppa.net), and the Puyallup/Sumner Chamber of Commerce.

If I have the good fortune to have you as my subject, you will notice that I try to use some humor in my sessions to put you at ease. Your photograph should not be stiff and lifeless, unless that is your goal, but rather to show you as you are: a beautiful creation.

Professionally speaking, I am an event, portrait and wedding photographer. I am now branching into sports photography in a joint venture with a company called Sportog. And if you are planning a trip, call on me to be your official trip photographer. I would be happy to entertain any travel offers you might bring me. 🙂

You can see some of my photographs on this blog and even more on my website, www.chrismckennaphotography.com. If you wish to see even more, please give me a call (253-539-3438) and I’ll have you over to the studio to view some sample albums and more photographs.

God’s blessings,


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