Shot of the Day 10/20/2013

I had another opportunity to photograph a high school football game on Friday night. I love doing this and I welcome every opportunity to do so, except perhaps in the rain and wind (haha).

Anyway, this past Friday I was out at Franklin Pierce Stadium again to shoot the Franklin Pierce High School Cardinals as they matched up against the Fife Trojans. It was a very cold, foggy night as this photograph illustrates. This was about 1/2 through the first period when a bank of fog started to roll in. While the entire game wasn’t shrouded in fog, a good portion of it was. When I post more photographs from this game later in the week, you’ll see a number of them with played veiled by the soupy substance.

I was shooting with my Nikon D800 with a 70-200mm lens. And yes, the fog was wreaking havoc with metering.

Until later, blessings.


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