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Audrey – A Star in the Making!

Hi Everyone,

I recently had a short opportunity to photograph another one of the rising stars in the Puget Sound youth soccer circles. Her name is Audrey. She is now 1o years old and already is quite the football master players. She dominates wherever she plays and often leads her team to victory.

Thank you to his parents, Steve and Lauri, for introducing us to this fine young lady. I look forward to watching her grow and mature into one of the most dominant players we’ve ever seen.



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Shot of the Day 10/20/2013

I had another opportunity to photograph a high school football game on Friday night. I love doing this and I welcome every opportunity to do so, except perhaps in the rain and wind (haha).

Anyway, this past Friday I was out at Franklin Pierce Stadium again to shoot the Franklin Pierce High School Cardinals as they matched up against the Fife Trojans. It was a very cold, foggy night as this photograph illustrates. This was about 1/2 through the first period when a bank of fog started to roll in. While the entire game wasn’t shrouded in fog, a good portion of it was. When I post more photographs from this game later in the week, you’ll see a number of them with played veiled by the soupy substance.

I was shooting with my Nikon D800 with a 70-200mm lens. And yes, the fog was wreaking havoc with metering.

Until later, blessings.


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