Senior Photography Sessions Still Available – Puyallup Photographer

Ok seniors. Graduation is just over a month away and you still haven’t had your senior pictures taken. Don’t panic-we’re here to help.

In a normal year, there is no real rush to have your portraits taken as the time between the start of the school year and graduation is about 9 months. You call us, we schedule a time, a place, take your photographs, process them, have you and your parents in for a viewing, design your announcements, cards, etc., order your portraits and cards from one of our many professional photo labs, and deliver them to you in plenty of time to graduation. But since we are at the end of April, we really only have a month or less left.  So here is a plan of what we are going to do.

Right now, we are scheduling some very quick in-studio shots that will give you a couple of choices for announcements and such. From the time we capture the photograph to the time we deliver them, we need about a week. And weather dependent, we have some availability to take your outdoor portraits at the location of your choice. Of course, if the weather is bad then all bets are off unless you want to take a photograph in the rain, lol. And if we get enough interest, then we may just schedule a number of mini-sessions at a location of our choice.

So don’t hesitate, give us a call today and let’s get those portraits done!



P.S. If you are a junior this year, please give us a call for our early bird specials on your senior portraits.

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