How to Prevent Lens Flare, Part 1

Most of you know or can surmise I read other photographers blogs from time-to-time to see what they are doing, get creative ideas, or whatever else fancies my tickle. And in some of those meanderings, I sometimes find myself in other sites offering photo tips. Some are good, some are, well let’s just say not so good. In one recent tip, I found an entry called “How to prevent lens flair.” Interesting subject, I thought, so I clicked through to see what it was about. What I found was rather entertaining.

It read, “Don’t shoot into the sun.”

That’s great. It is so true, albeit rather simplistic and unaccommodating to other shooting situations that create flare. So I thought that not only would I repost that awesome tip, but leave it as tease you a topic for a future tip.

So stay tuned for ‘Part 2.’



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