Now Printing on Slate, Metal, and Canvas

In addition to the traditional photo print and album, McKenna Video & Photo is pleased to announce we can also print on Slate, Canvas, and Metal.

Slate is a rock-like material. Each print on slate is completely unique and will not look like any other print since they are hewn from stone just prior to having the print applied. Metal print,well, is a print on a piece of metal. They’re edgy, contemporary, and they enhance all the colors in the photograph. They can be placed on a table, hung on a wall, or pieced together with other metal prints for a completely unique mural. And a canvas print is much like a painting. The print is applied to to a canvas and then stretched over a wood frame. The canvas can be hung on a wall as is, just like in our studio, or it can also be placed in a frame. Please note that the quality of each canvas is very high, and not of the cheap “costco” quality that you are now seeing in the discount, wholesale, and neighborhood drug stores.

All prints come in various sizes, including custom sizes and pricing is completely dependent on size and other factors.

Please call for details.

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