Bend, Oregon Photo Trek

Good morning friends.

I hope that y’all (like what I did there?) had a good week. It was a busy week for me, but am managing.

So last month, before my trip to Mt. Rainier, the family and I took a little road trip to Bend, Oregon for a soccer tournament  of all things. I don’t think Bend is known for soccer tournaments, but here we were in the middle of Oregon at one. Anyway, with the close proximity to a couple of the mountains, Lynette and I decided to get up real early one morning and take a hike into them for a few early morning shots. We found ourselves marching around Sparks Lake in the dark to a spot with a view of the south sister (of the 3 Sisters) and Brokentop. After the sun rose and we got our shots, we then went to Todd Lake and marched around that to get a few shots of that lake and Mt. Bachelor. And finally, we ended up on a short hike around Tumalo Falls.

In this gallery, I start with a couple photographs I took on the trip down. The first two are of Mt. Hood, the other a shot of the Sisters from outside a farm in Redmond. The gallery also contains a couple of “portraits” I tool of a couple of fishermen around Todd Lake and a few shots around Tumalo Falls and Tumalo Creek.

Enjoy the photographs.



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