Puyallup HDR

Good evening friends!

I have recently been taken in with HDR photography.  The dynamic resolution of this technique is mind-blowing.  But rather than a bunch of boring details about the how’s and why’s of it, I thought that I would post just a couple of test shots that I took around my hometown this last week.

The first is simply a condo building located above a community center. The photograph is not composed very well as I cut out the bottom of the building and the surrounding road to remove the trash and junk cars that were present at the time, and rather attempt to focus on the sky. The second is a shot of the Puyallup Public Library. Located in front of the building is a lone canopy from Puyallup’s first Farmers Market of the year. Sad, huh? Anyway, the focus is the building against a mean looking sky.

I will post more on the how’s and why’s later, but in the mean time enjoy the photographs.



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