NW Endeavor Property Solutions

Hi Friends,

Well, we normally do not do this, but we are going to make an exception this time because of our relationship with these awesome folks.


NW Endeavor Property Solutions, LLC is a small, family-based company based in Washington that was founded on the desire to help people with REAL ESTATE related financial issues find answers to their problems and of improving neighborhoods one house at a time.

Life often throws curveballs at us. Divorce, death, taxes, foreclosure, cash crunches, and job or career changes can cause anyone to desire to move out of your house. And sometimes you do not have the time you need and have to act quickly. They will often buy properties as is.  They don’t care about the condition so there is no need to do a major cleaning or try and make repairs. They:

  • save you time by not having to market the property and showing it to hundreds of potential buyers;
  • offer fair pricing and will give you a legitimate offer, usually within 48 hours after viewing;
  • pay cash with the intention of closing quickly.

Like us, they pledge to always treat our business partners, suppliers, contractors, and customers with dignity and respect. They always strive to create a “win-win” scenario for property owners that we purchase from, and offering a high-quality rehabilitated and updated house to potential property buyers. We will always live up to our promises, and be a good corporate neighbor.


So without any hesitation, we proudly endorse NW Endeavor Property Solutions. They can be reached at (253) 200-1758 or [email protected]




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