McKenna Video Online Ordering System Now available

I know, I know. This is a photography site, but I am talking about video services? Yes, so sorry, but bear with me please.

I am happy to announce that our online order system for videotape to DVD and 8mm film to DVD transfer services is now online and ready for your use.

At this point, the system will only accept orders for straight video and film transfers. It offers our customers the ability to send the film to us at their convenience and be free from the restrictions of our in-studio hours. And because it is online and simplifies the process, it allows us to drop the price a little.

While the ordering pages are 100% secure (payment is accepted through PayPal), keeping our costs down means that we don’t have a programmer on-staff to complete a nice custom ordering page/shopping cart. But rest assured, our top quality film and tape transfer work will still be put into all of your projects.

The page is organized into 3 sections: one for silent film, one for sound film, and the last for videotapes. Be sure if you use this system that you place your order in the appropriate section. If you have a custom order, please call us or send us an email and we will either schedule a time in-studio or send you a custom invoice.

Let us know how you like our online ordering system. And please give us feedback if there is anything difficult or confusing that you find.

Visit the page at .



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