Events In The City-Gilda’s Club Charity Event

Earlier this month, I had the unique privilege to photograph my favorite event planners in action! Often I document events as they unfold, but rarely do I have the opportunity to concentrate on the behind-the-scenes action-you know, where all of the hard work happens, which is often unseen and even more, unappreciated. I know of this world and wanted to showcase some of the best of the industry’s behind-the-scenes professionals.

I have been working with Cheri Wells and Tafona Brar from Events In The City, for a couple of years now. I was introduced to them at a wedding show that Chris and I showcased our wedding work early in 2009. They were looking for a photographer for a client of theirs, and there we were! That wedding was the first time Cheri, Tafona and I had worked together. I have worked with plenty of event planners before, but truly, the professionalism and thoroughness of the ladies of Events In The City was unparalleled. They helped my job to be easier, and they weren’t even working for me. Since then we, McKenna Video and Photo, had the privilege of taking some great head shots of the ladies which you can see on their website

I have recently embarked on a new continuing education project and asked Tafona and Cheri if there was an event this summer where I could shoot them doing the terrific job organizing and coordinating that they are known for. They were so gracious and suggested the Gilda’s Club Surviving With Style fashion show fundraising event at the Westin Seattle. I jumped at the chance and am so happy that we could come together for this event. Events In The City provided the logistical organization of the fashion show, organizing the models and demonstrating how to “work the catwalk”. This was a huge job! 28 models showing off their survivor style in area fashion designer wear. Way to go ladies!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself in my part of this great event. I love to watch true professionals in action, and this time I was able to document for them. Thank you, Events In The City, for the opportunity to work on a class project and become a more enlightened in the cancer survival world. Thank you to Gilda’s Club for hosting such a worthwhile event. Thank you cancer survivors for fighting hard.

Here are a few of the photos I took of Tafona and Cheri from Events In The City. Also, take a couple of minutes to watch a short video of the whole event. I think you will see that they not only get the job done, but also smile and engage with their clients, helping everyone to enjoy their time together.

McKenna Video and Photo-VP Sales and Marketing

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