American Pride 2010 – Pierce County Sports Photography

Soccer is a huge part of my life right now. I play it, my children play it, my brothers play it. We watch it on television and we watch it in person. We cannot escape from it. We love it!

So when we were asked to be the “official photographer” of the 2010 American Pride Girls Soccer Club, we jumped at the chance.

We got some great shot of each girl on the team during the course of their season. We even showed up to a few summer practices and got a few shot of their practice and scrimmage against parents and “boys.” That was a lot of fun!

The montage that plays below is one that encompasses the season. The video is divided up into 4 sections: the first 3 are game photos while the last is photographs taken during the practice session, some shot of the parents during games, and the official portraits of all the girls.

Enjoy the video.

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