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Bryan the Aviator

Happy beautiful Saturday morning, everyone!

On Valentine’s Day I was blessed to shoot my first Senior portrait session of 2016 with a terrific young man who has a passion for flight. Meet Bryan, an upcoming graduate from Tahoma High School in Maple Valley. Bryan and I met up at the Pierce County airport in Puyallup, where he and a group of high school students have been building an aircraft. Bryan told me he would be taking his flight test in this airplane next month. Very exciting! It was a dark, wet day, but we managed to dodge most of the rain and come out with some great images. Thank you to Bryan and his mom for making themselves available on Valentines Day. Also, thank you to my hubby for waiting a couple of extra hours for our celebration:)

Congratulations, Bryan! You’re gonna make a terrific pilot!


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Gorgeous Heather

Happy Saturday, everyone! It’s almost summer, and the weather is finally here!! Wow! What a great spring we are having! Amazing days that have given me wonderful photographic opportunities for my seniors.

This is Heather. She is the 2nd graduate from this family. I shot her brother’s senior photos a few years ago (check out Bryan’s blog ) and was thrilled when their mom asked me back again to document Heather’s senior year.

We met up at a new venue for me in Edgewood: the Nelson Nature Park. Other than the excessive pollen- UGH!-it was a terrific place for photos. Both Heather and I are bothered by the spring allergy season, but I give her credit for toughing it out:) What a wonderful young lady! I had an awesome time with her and enjoyed hearing about her future. She has so much ahead of her.

Congratulations on your graduation, Heather! I wish you all the best for your college years. Have an amazing time!


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Understanding Exposure

When I talk to people about photography, most are confused by what exposure means. No, I’m not talking about getting your face in front of others like celebrities do, but rather making sure that your camera has correct amount of light passing through the lens to strike the film or digital sensor. Essentially, there are three pieces of settings on your camera that need adjusting to make sure that your exposure is correct: aperture, shutter speed, and camera ISO.

Now its not my intention to explain all three in this post-I will save that for future posts. But I wanted to turn you on to a book that I found a few years back that does a marvelous job of explaining it (I don’t normally plug others work but I found this book well worth it). It is called “Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with any Camera” by master photographer Bryan Peterson. Bryan does a wonderful job of explaining the three pieces of the exposure puzzle (including concepts such as depth of field and infinite sharpness) and challenges the reader to demonstrate mastery over the concepts with their own personal photo projects.

You can find Bryan’s book at most bookstores and online at Amazon (

Happy shooting.



P.S. I do not get anything from my endorsements of any product or service. I simply offer my thoughts and opinions based on my own personal experience.


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