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Spartan Pride

I’d like to introduce you to Nick. Nick is a terrific senior from Sumner High School. He has an obvious love for football and was excited to have his senior portraits done wearing his jersey on the field at Sunset Stadium. This is a great location! It really embodies who Nick is and what he spends his time doing. I hope you enjoy some of Nicks photos.

Thanks for the great session, Nick. I wish you all the best during your senior year:)




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A Customer Testimonial (Wedding Photography)

Kristine and AndrewI received this testimonial today and I thought that I would share it with you.

“Chris is a very professional photographer who was very easy to work with. He was on time for all meetings and was very well organized the day of our wedding. I would recommend him to everyone I know. He has a great customer service attitude and his number one concern is his client’s satisfaction and happiness with his work. We were very pleased with the quality of his work and the time he spent to get the right shots on our big day. We were so glad we decided to go with Chris McKenna Photography for our special day. No regrets, only total satisfaction. ” ~ Kristine Richmond

Thank you, Kristine, for your nice sentiments and for giving us the honor of capturing your special day.

God’s blessings,


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Choosing a Digital Camera that works for me!

I remember the first camera I ever picked up weighed as much as a brick. Sure it took great photographs, but it was large and cumbersome. But today, I can find a digital camera as small as the head of a pencil and it probably weighs as much as that too!

The digital revolution has had some great benefits in photography. Big is out and small is in. And small doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing quality and speed. These days, a compact digital camera can be as small and a deck of playing cards and pack as many features as their bigger and more awkward brothers.

There are many other benefits to a compact digital camera besides just a small size. Price for one. Many good cameras can now be purchased for well under $500. I have even seen some for under $100, but would be skeptical about purchasing one of those if good, quality prints is your aim. Primarily, one should be looking to spend about $300 for something that would rate as decent for snapshots by the “professionals”.

Digital cameras do not use film to capture an image, they use a digital sensor. And sensor resolution seems to be the big selling point with manufacturers these days. Some camera manufacturers are now touting resolution of 21 megapixels . Sound good? Sure, the additional resolutions will make for crisper images, but at what cost. How about file size! You see, the larger the number of pixels in an image the larger the file size. And the larger the file size, the less pictures that you can take on any given memory card as compared to what you can take on that card with smaller file sizes.

Another consideration in digital cameras is their ability to shoot in low light. Some cameras have an ISO factor of 100, which is great to shoot at in daylight, but not at night. ISO 400 is better for lower light situations. There are some cameras that have a range of ISO from 100 to 1600 or more, but at the higher ISO’s something called something called digital noise can be introduced into your photographs (noise can be analogous to grain in film). Noisy photographs can be very distracting.

Zoom features is another feature that many consumers look at. But before you throw down your hard earned money on a camera with a zoom factor of 40x, check to see if that is digital zoom or optical zoom. An optical zoom will actually move the glass to bring you in closer to your subject whereas digital zoom just makes the pixels bigger. The result of digital zoom is an image with a lot of pixelation, and the result is one ugly picture. My recommendation is to compare optical zooms only and if you have a camera with digital zoom turn that feature off.

Best wishes finding that perfect compact digital camera.

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Baby Sophie

We are so excited to share these photos with you. This is Baby Sophie. She is such a sweet little girl. So quiet, so mellow. But she was not feeling too good (just getting over the flu) when we photographed her a few weeks back. But she was such a good sport for only being 5 months old while and really not feeling too well (we had to cut the session short to let her get back to sleeping).

We look forward to watching you grow up, Sophie!

Enjoy your photographs.



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Jane and Duane got Married!

Jane and Duane have a great story about how they met, fell in love, and decided to get married. They are both wonderful people, with great kids, great family and great friends. We were made to feel so welcome and were honored to be chosen as their photographer for their wedding.

We wish them all the best for many happy, happy years together.

God’s blessings on you both.


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Teresa and Brent Tie the Knot

Teresa and Brent were married in a backyard, albeit a huge backyard, ceremony last August. Lynette and I had a blast covering their wedding, even though we had to dodge a few rain showers and gusts of wind (the wind got hold of one of my umbrellas and is probably somewhere in Kansas by now). All their friends and family were present and were very easy to work with.

Thanks, Teresa and Brent, for choosing us to capture your special day. We wish you all our best for many happy years together.

Enjoy the video I put together of their wedding photos.




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